Sports Massage

Advanced Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage

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1h:      £45

1½ h:  £65
2h:      £85

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Sports massage Edinburgh, Deep tissue massage, Edinburgh

“You instantly realize you’re in the hands of a true professional, so you can relax and let a master of his art provide you with a massage you won’t forget.”

What is Advanced Sports Massage Edinburgh?

Think you’ve experienced sports massage Edinburgh? Think again! Advanced sports massage blends deep tissue massage, neuromuscular techniques, myofascial release, trigger point therapy and joint mobilisations. It’s a step up from your typical treatment for sports injury or aches and pains.

Advanced Sports Massage Edinburgh can improve a wide range of conditions and injuries, eg: 

back pain
tingly arms
sore/tense shoulders
rotator cuff sprain/strains
neck pain
torticollis / wryneck
tingly hands/arms
tennis elbow
thumb /wrist pain
excess stomach acid
jaw grinding
sciatic pain
groin strain
clicking hips
knee pain
foot pain

Whether you’re an athlete or not, Matthew will aim to improve your quality of life and the condition of your body. His treatments can help to increase mobility and decrease pain levels.

For athletes, your sports massage will aim to increase maximum performance during training and to help prevent sports injury. Sports massage can extend the life of your athletic career or lifestyle. 

“Im in the army and a triathlete. The last sports masseur I used was part of the British Olympic Team. Having found Matthew in Edinburgh I can say that he has a full understanding of sports massage.”

Your Treatment

Based on the unique findings at your assessment, Matthew will first realign problematic joints. He will combine neuro-muscular techniques with highly targeted joint mobilisations (for example, between two individual vertebrae). Gently correcting misaligned joints in this way takes the strain off stretched or tight muscles and ligaments, allowing the body to heal.

In addition, Matthew will use Deep Tissue Massage to encourage the brain to ‘let go’ of the muscles that are being held too tightly. ‘Resetting’ the muscles in this way allows the joints to stay in their new, healthier alignment. You’ll feel the difference. Deep tissue massage also relieves pain by bringing fresh oxygen to the area and removing the waste products that irritate nerve endings.

“I felt that Matthew was genuinely invested in solving my problem with an individually tailored solution

If you’re not sure whether sports massage could help your sports injury or ‘niggle’, just get in touch. Matthew is happy to chat about your options and explain how he would approach your assessment and treatment. In many cases one treatment  is all it takes to sort out a problem. In other cases a few treatments may be needed, so just consider it a great excuse to get a deep, relaxing massage.

Hot stone massage can be incorporated to deepen the massage and encourage even more relaxation. 

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“I feel like I could do cartwheels!”