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Reviews for back pain treatment Edinburgh: back ache, stiff back / stiffness, chronic back pain treatment and back massage in Edinburgh.

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Back pain treatment Edinburgh; back ache, stiff back, lower back

* * * * *  LOWER BACK ACHE EDINBURGH –  “Lower back pain gone! A massive thank you to Matthew who is professional yet very personal. Would highly recommend and booking again to have a massage for relaxation as it was so good. Temperature, comfort and cleanliness was an example for others! Highly recommend.”
Jay D

* * * * *  CHRONIC BACK PAIN EDINBURGH – “After having vertebrae/para spinal muscle pain for almost 3 years, thanks to an appointment with Matthew 2 days ago, I am now pain free! He offers a very professional service and was very accommodating with fitting me in for a treatment. Really great service. Highly recommended.”
Jacqui Doran

Reviews for back pain treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *  “GYM BACK PAIN EDINBURGH – “Injured my back doing weights at the gym. I went to see Mathew Priest to check it out to make sure I hadn’t damaged anything. Had a 15 min consultation followed by a full deep tissue massage which has sorted out the issue.”
Jonathan Gallon

* * * * *  RUGBY BACK PAIN EDINBURGH – “I have carried neck and back pain for years after a bad rugby tackle. After seeing Matthew I felt like a brand new woman. He carefully listened to exactly what was wrong with my neck and back and gave me a thorough assessment. Then figured out the problem area and worked on it straight away. My neck has not felt this good in years. My range of movement has significantly increased and I have no pain or discomfort at all. Matthew is nothing short of a miracle worker. He was thorough in his assessment and his work, the environment was calm, peaceful and relaxing. I would highly recommend Matthew to everyone I know.”
Amy Neill

 * * * * *  “BACK STRAIN EDINBURGH -Matthew is extremely experienced and professional really helped my strained back on its way to recovery and was very kind too.”
Geraldine Coates

Reviews for back pain treatment Edinburgh

 * * * * *  “BODYBUILDING BACK PAIN EDINBURGH – “Excellent treatment. I am into bodybuilding and weight training and I have had a sore lower back and various other niggles. After 90mins with Matthew all my problems seem to be rectified! Couldn’t recommend him enough.”
Ryan Logan

* * * * *  “LOWER BACK PAIN EDINBURGH – “Went to Matthew with lower back pain after having it for a long time. First class after a few visits, he got it sorted… Would recommend him to everyone!!!”
Jason Easton

* * * * *  “BACK PAIN EDINBURGH – “Very knowledgeable and great help for my sore back, definitely will be going again and highly recommended!”
Jamie Love (Mr Gay UK)

* * * * *  “BACK PAIN EDINBURGH – “I cannot recommend Matthew highly enough! He is very professional, clearly very knowledgeable, yet also very friendly. Even if I am not used to massages, he made me feel very comfortable and put me completely at ease. I went to see Matthew as I had a strong back pain. We discussed the problem, he identified the issue, corrected my posture and gave me good exercises I could do to avoid the pain to come back. The massage was very effective and relaxing. Immediately afterwards I felt relieved, the day after I could barely feel any pain and after two days it was all gone. Thank you Matthew!”
Stefoano Modica Ragusa

Reviews for bodybuilding back pain treatment Edinburgh

 * * * * *  WEIGHTLIFTING BACK PAIN EDINBURGH -“He fixed me 🙂  I had been having hip, back and thigh pain from weightlifting for 2 months. Nobody had come close to helping me until I went to see Matthew. Through asking questions and doing a few tests, he figured out which muscle it was that was the problem area, and made sure it was worked on. I haven’t had any pain since (which is insane), and I’m easing back into exercise a week after the session. Highly recommend :)”
Rebecca Lyre

* * * * *  BACK PAIN WHEN LIFTING – “I was about to leave Edinburgh after a short holiday when I started feeling difficulty in moving around, in lifting or carrying any weight and overall stressed and tired. I found out about Matthew in the Internet . He was still on holidays and luckily offered me an appointment when I contacted him. Matthew assessed me, asked some questions. He was absolutely excellent and his treatment really saved my holiday. I am writing this review a month and a half after I had the appointment and I am still fit and mobile. Mathew also took time to text me and to ask if I was feeling better. I will definately see him again if needed in the future when back in Edinburgh.”

Reviews for weightlifting back pain treatment in Edinburgh

 * * * * *  BACK TENSION EDINBURGH – “I can certainly attest to the wealth of compliments featured here. My first sports massage with Matthew was met with a truly excellent, professional service.  He combined some of the best elements encountered through previous masseurs (pre-massage heat via hot stones, incorporation of resistance techniques and a very thorough assessment). Matthew displays an exceptional level of knowledge and goes out if his way to make sure he can help, ensuring you are content throughout the entire visit. I aim for a sports massage once a month and saw Matthew requesting specific emphasis on the back with can tighten up easily. At the end of the session I noticed reduced tension in the back and shoulders and improved range of motion in the neck after some work in that area. He was even able to assess and help with my hip which is sightly out of alignment. All in all, hugely impressed and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a sports massage :)”
Mahir Nozinovic

* * * * *  DEADLIFT LOWER BACK PAIN – “As a regular weight lifter after a while muscles get stiff and I had lower back pain whenever I did deadlift. One session made a big difference as since then don’t feel it, no seize up anymore. Thank you Matthew.”
Alex Szantai

Reviews for deadlift back pain treatment Edinburgh

* * * * *  STOMACH ACID / ACID REFLUX EDINBURGH – “Excellent massage. Matthew greatly improved my stomach acid problem through working on my spine. I have had this problem all my life but he seemed to have identified my problem very quickly and rectified it. I will highly recommend him to anyone!”
Sam E

* * * * *  LOWER BACK INJURY EDINBURGH – “Visited Matthew for help with a lower back injury sustained at work, and also ongoing neck issues. Matthew took extensive notes and spent a good while assessing my mobility and conducting a survey of my issues. He then discussed his findings and talked through a course of treatment for the injury. After the treatment for my lower back, I felt an immediate improvement and the mobilization certainly helped the pain disappear quickly. The upper back and neck massage was excellent and has helped with my neck issues. Can recommend Matthew as a thorough professional.”
Stuart Malcolm

Reviews for acid reflux treatment / stomach acid Edinburgh

* * * * *  LOWER BACK TENSION EDINBURGH – “After visiting Matthew for the first time yesterday i am feeling fantastic. The tension in my shoulders and neck and lower back have gone. I was impressed with Matthew taking the time to understand the route of the problem and found the session informative and helpful. A professional, polite approach put me at my ease. Thank you Matthew, great work, highly recommended.”
Paul Nivison

* * * * *  BACK STIFFNESS EDINBURGH – “Big improvement in back/neck stiffness in one session & stopped headaches! Very friendly & professional.”
Vicki Jarrett

Reviews for back tension treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *  LOWER BACK ACHE EDINBURGH – “Matthew gave a fabulous massage. He took time to check the alignment of my spine and gave instant relief to a lower back pain which had been bothering me. Very good value for the price and I would recommend Matthews service to anyone seeking a great massage. I will definitely be going back on a regular basis.”

Mike Paterson

* * * * *  BACK ACHE EDINBURGH –  “I went to see Matthew with problems in my back and Achilles’ tendon. In an hour he had brought much relief to both and had almost sent me to sleep! Excellent in every way. An Expert in sports therapy and relaxation.”

Reviews for lower back pain treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *  CHRONIC BACK PAIN EDINBURGH – “I was very impressed with Matthew’s care. A friendly, professional guy who provided a truly welcoming and holistic service! I need massage for a long standing back problem and his understanding and massage technique ensured my confidence in him! I’ll definitely be back!”
Ewen Sutherland

* * * * *  BACK PAIN EDINBURGH – “This was my first sports massage and I was very impressed with the results. Matthew was very thorough in assessing my shoulder and back to locate where my pain was originating from. To my amazement the next day, for the first time I can remember, I woke up with no back pain!  Matthew also gave me advice on how to help prevent further back pain. Would highly recommend. Thank you.”
Kezia Kropp-Thierry

* * * * *  LOWER BACK PAIN EDINBURGH – I had two massages and acupuncture with Matthew. I was suffering lower back pain and twisted ankle after accident. After first treatment I felt huge improvement and relief from pain in my ankle. After second massage week later my back was brand new. I feel really good now, I can work and I don’t feel pain any more. Thanks Matthew!”
Magrita M

* * * * *  HIP AND LOWER BACK PAIN EDINBURGH – “Went to see Matthew about a problem with my hips and lower back which I’ve had on and off for the last 5-6 years, but had been particularly debilitating for the last 2 weeks. I’ve seen quite a few physiotherapists in the hope of getting rid of the pain, or at least getting an answer as to what was causing it with not much luck. After just 1 session my back and hips are pain free, and I actually know what was causing the pain. Matthew himself is very accommodating, friendly and clearly very knowledgable. Top class service overall, would highly recommend.”
Grant Kinghorn

* * * * *  LOWER BACK PAIN EDINBURGH – “I went to see Matthew as I’ve began training again after some time and had pain in my lower back and shoulders. After an initial consultation and examination, Matthew was able to zone in on these painful areas and surrounding tissue. Afterwards, my back and shoulders felt much better straight away. Post massage we discussed changes in the way I sit at my work desk as well as follow up care. I cannot wait to see Matthew again and have scheduled monthly appointments. Being made to feel at ease as well as being walked through things in a way I could understand was so refreshing. Thanks again Matthew!!”
Ryan Matthewson

Reviews for chronic back pain treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *  COMPUTER BACK PAIN EDINBURGH – “Matthew took care of my back prior to an important exam. I had been recovering from a shoulder injury for months. He aligned a couple of vertebrae and massaged my back, shoulders and arms thoroughly. I slept fantastically well that night and passed my exam the day after. All those hours sitting in front of the computer are bad for my back so I will be visiting him again”
R Yungenfeld

* * * * *  CAR CRASH BACK INJURY EDINBURGH – “I can’t recommend Matthew highly enough. It’s rare these days to receive the level of care and professionalism I had with my first visit to Matthew. I have issues with my back after a nasty car crash and needed to see someone urgently. Matthew responded to my initial enquiry almost immediately and arranged an appointment swiftly. From the minute I entered his home he made feel comfortable and at ease. He took the time to talk through my issues and explain exactly what he felt needed to be done. The massage itself was brilliant and instantly fixed some of the pain I was experiencing. Afterwards he asked if there was anything more I felt he could have done and again explained what he had done and why. In total I was there for almost 90 minutes yet he only charged me for the hour appointment and not once did he try to push further treatment on me. Within a couple of days I was completely back to normal and pain free, which has never happened before. I can’t thank Matthew enough for his professionalism and care and would absolutely recommend him to anyone.”
Suzanne Blake

Reviews for back injury treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *  GYM BACK PAIN EDINBURGH – “Matthew is great at deep tissue massage, initially I would visit Matthew from gym fatigue and more recently for relief with a back issue. Having never tried acupuncture before I am now a firm believer in the benefits on joint and muscle pain, with almost immediate results. I highly recommend Matthews skills in what he does.”
Tammy McAllister

* * * * *  CHRONIC LOWER BACK PAIN EDINBURGH – “Been having problems with my lower back for YEARS… Matthew fixed the problem I had been neglecting all that time, felt great afterward and still does.”
Charlie Boyd

Reviews for gym back pain treatment Edinburgh

* * * * *  CHRONIC LOWER BACK PAIN EDINBURGH – “I visited Matthew this week for some help with chronic lower back pain. Having had this condition for many years, and tried physeo’s, chiro’s and osteopaths, I was at the end of my tether. Matthew took considerable time to investigate the issue and undertook a thorough check, whilst assessing the possible issues. He proceeded to treat me whilst explaining what he was doing and why, before finishing the treatment with a massage. If you are wondering how I got on, then it’s great news. I’ve had 4 days pain free, since my visit, and can’t believe the remarkable difference and improvement.  If you have ever suffered from this type of back pain and wondered who to go to for help, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Matthew.”
Claire Shiels

* * * * *  LOWER BACK ACHE EDINBURGH – “Matthew was very professional and attentive – I felt extremely relaxed. There was the right pressure on the right muscles and he particularly worked well on my lower back and hamstrings which was causing me some pain lately. I will definitely return to loosen those muscles further! Thanks again.”
Rohan Sinha

Reviews for lower back pain treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *  BACK PAIN EDINBURGH – “Matthew runs a great, professional business and the google reviews are testament to that.  He sorted out my back niggles and I will know who to call next time if they return to haunt me!  Very good service from Matthew and highly recommended.”
Mark McLeod

* * * * *  BACK PAIN EDINBURGH – “This was the most useful, therapeutic, and relaxing massage I’ve ever had. Matthew was as friendly as he was professional, and I immediately felt confident of his experience and practical knowledge. He took the time to identify my particular needs, before addressing them with skill and accuracy. Oh, and strength! My back has never felt better, and I highly recommend Matthew to anyone who wants to experience proper massage.”
Tom Farrington

Reviews for back ache treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *  SPINE REALIGNMENT EDINBURGH – “I had an appointment with Matthew for the first time yesterday, not sure what I was expecting. But Matthew is the kind of person that exudes kindness and his soft demeanour is all part of the relaxing atmosphere he works in. After an in-depth discussion of any issues that I might have had with my back, neck or spine in general; he worked on the realignment of specific vertebrae (his knowledge is amazing) in my back, neck and even did some work on my hips. Matthew is very professional and lets you know what he is going to do and what he is hoping to achieve with each step of the process. All of this expert knowledge was combined with a very comfortable environment, that could do nothing but ease you into a state of relaxation. Matthew also gave me an amazing massage and I feel that I have been fixed without realising that I was broken. I woke this morning after the best nights sleep I have had in a long time. I can actually feel the difference in the work he did on my spine. Fantastic value for money and I will be recommending to my friends for sure and will certainly be back again on a regular basis. Thanks Matthew”
Martin Ingram

* * * * *  STIFF BACK EDINBURGH – “I’ve had upper body and hip mobility issues for quite a while now. I went to see Matthew today and had the first sports massage I’ve ever had. He was great, he made me feel at ease and I can already feel a difference! Definitely recommended.”
Graham Bell

* * * * *  BACK ACHE EDINBURGH – “I have been to see Matthew twice now, both times I felt very relaxed and put at ease very quickly. Very professional and left feeling great. Any back issues I have are dealt with by the time I leave. Would definitely recommend to anyone.”
Dan Huggins

Reviews for stiff back treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *  BACK ACHE EDINBURGH – “As a fellow massage therapist its great when you can find someone who knows exactly what they are doing. First massage with Matthew tonight and I couldn’t be happier. He is a friendly, welcoming guy who puts you right at ease and his knowledge of how the body works helps him to pin point what area needs worked. His pressure is very firm but not sore and he asks to make sure which shows he cares about his clients and their well being. Will definitely be back for more! Thanks Matthew :)”
Malcolm Boyle

* * * * *  LOWER BACK PAIN EDINBURGH – “2nd massage with Matthew. GREAT! I have some lower back pain or a niggle which on both visits he spent some time to rectify.  A very comfortable massage room in his flat with the offer of shower facilities at the end.  Unhurried and very professional sums up the service!”
John Doig

Reviews for back pain treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *  LOWER BACK ACHE EDINBURGH – “Very relaxing, helped with Lower Back Pain, good setting.”
K Nicol

* * * * *  LOWER BACK STIFFNESS EDINBURGH – “Quite simply the best massage I’ve ever had. I suffer from stiff neck/shoulder and lower back trouble but at the end of the session I had neither, not to mention feeling totally relaxed. I will definitely be going back and have no hesitation in recommending Matthew to anyone. Thanks once again.”
Douglas Colman

Reviews for lower back ache treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *  CHRONIC BACK ACHE EDINBURGH – “The very comfortable massage table, the room itself, perfect temperature and lovely relaxing music: all of these contributed to the ideal set up for the massage. Matthew too has a genuinely warm and welcoming personality which helped no end to put me at complete ease. The massage itself was pitched at exactly the right level, with the right amount of pressure applied to the various parts of my body. I have had back problems for many years and need to get regular care for it. This was the first time I had booked a massage with Matthew and it won’t be the last. I had a great night’s sleep and felt great the next day. All-in-all I can’t speak highly enough of Matthew as the massage I got ticked all the right boxes.”

* * * * *  BROKEN BACK PAIN – “I have a broken back, an injury I sustained three years ago playing rugby. However, thanks to Matthew I managed to greatly relieve the pain for a few days (bearing in mind I suffer pain 24/7, these were days of great pleasure). I will be sure to visit again soon!”
Max Leslie

Reviews for back ache treatment Edinburgh

* * * * *  BACK TENSION EDINBURGH – “Matthew puts you at ease from the start. Tension in hips, back, shoulders and neck has gone. I have had a lot of massage over the years, this being my first with Matthew, and I can honestly say that he is up there with the best. I look forward to my next session.”
Bill McGill

* * * * *  BACK RUB EDINBURGH – “Best back rub in a very long time!”

* * * * *   BACK MASSAGE EDINBURGH – “I went to Matthew as he had been highly recommended by another client that had problems due to a sports injury. I was extremely impressed with the way in which he assesses you first so that he can address what is needed for you rather than one treatment for all. I’ve been to many masseurs as I do suffer from back trouble due to my work. I came away feeling great and haven’t had many problems since. He’s is the consummate professional and also a really wonderful guy. I shall certainly be returning.”
Kevin Farrell

Reviews for back ache treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *  BACK ACHE EDINBURGH – “After visiting for a back problem, after a few treatments, feeling great, very courties and enjoyable tratments, thank you.”
James Smith

* * * * *  BAD BACK EDINBURGH – “Had a massage from Matthew today. Matthew certainly knows what he is doing. Helped me with my bad back and dodgy right leg. Left feeling like new ready for the day. Will certainly recommend him and have booked another session with him in a few weeks time. Thanks again Matthew.”
Martin Shaw

Reviews for back ache treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *  KARATE BACK PAIN EDINBURGH – “Matthew was fantastic with a back and hip issue I was having. I felt at ease and he talked through everything that he was doing. Very knowledgeable and professional.”
Suzan Caldwell

* * * * *  LOWER BACK PAIN EDINBURGH – “I started going to visit Matthew as my lower back was giving me problems. I travel an hour from Glasgow as there is no one in Glasgow who can help me as much as Matthew has done. After each session my back is improving more and more but tbh I am going to continue to keep using Matthew as I find a 2 hour massage incredibly relaxing. It is my little treat for the week.”
Scott McMillan

Reviews for karate back pain treatment Edinburgh

* * * * *  BACK ACHE EDINBURGH – “Fantastic Massage, had problems with my back for 4 weeks, 70% improvement with one visit. I highly recommend Matthew Priest, very professional.”
Michael R

* * * * *  BACK ACHE EDINBURGH – “After being of work for three weeks with severe pain in my lower back I visited Matthew on Tuesday. Not knowing what to expect I was made to feel relaxed and comfortable in a lovely warm and relaxing room. Matthew explained what he would be doing every step of the way Matthew made me feel very at ease and I trusted him immediately. After the session I could feel the pain and tension I had been experiencing melt away .The next day I was able to move freely without pain much to my surprise.  I would highly recommend a visit to Matthew and cannot believe that after one session I was pain free. Matthew does indeed have healing hands and I would highly recommended him he is very knowledgeable and does not rush your visit.”
Kirsty M

Reviews for back ache treatment Edinburgh

* * * * *  TRAPPED NERVE BACK PAIN EDINBURGH – “I’ve been a regular visitor to Matt for several years. Whether it’s for a relaxing massage or to help when I’ve problems with a trapped nerve in my back, Matt is always friendly and attentive, checking out how things are, if i need any specific treatment. I’ve experienced his acupuncture treatments – i was so skeptical and had put off the treatment, but on a recent problem with my back i sucommed – and it really does work – it helped clear and move the pain. And if you want a relaxing massage i can really recommend the hot stones massage. Go for a nice long massage and relax – you are in incredibly good hands with Matt”

* * * * *  BACKPACKING BACK PAIN – “I visited Matthew for some back pains after a weekend of heavy backpacking. Not only did he sort that out, but he found and fixed pains in my soleus that I didn’t even realised I had. Highly professional. Highly recommended.”
Michael Hobart

Reviews for trapped nerve treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *  BABY CARRIER BACK PAIN EDINBURGH – “I had a deep tissue massage with Matthew after I had some back pain when using my baby carrier. Matthew was very professional but friendly and spent time talking through what my issue was with me and what would work best for me in terms of treatment. The massage was fantastic, and I immediately felt less tension in my shoulders and that the ‘knots’ had gone too. After a few days I could still feel the difference and had no pain when using my new baby carrier. Would defiantly recommend… Good value for money too!
Katie Murray

* * * * *  STIFF BACK EDINBURGH – Best Massage I have had in Edinburgh. I have stiff shoulders and a back problem, feel brilliant after the massage. Highly recommend

Reviews for back ache treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *   STIFF BACK EDINBURGH – My GP recommended I went for a good sports massage to relieve a painful and knotted back and neck. I also had a problem with repetitive strain injury to my arm and so I was in desperate need of ‘fixing’! I’ve had two appointments with Matthew who is kind and very professional and has managed to sort out all my problem areas in those two visits. His massage is excellent and I can’t recommend him highly enough. His prices are also very good.

* * * * *  BACK PAIN EDINBURGH – Initially the first massage appointment I made with Matthew, was for my friend who had been suffering with daily back pain for 12 years after a bad car accident. His experience was of immediate relief, and he was astounded that one massage would be so beneficial. He has returned to Matthew for follow up and each visit really helps his long term pain. I booked my own massage with Matthew after the brilliant experience my friend had experienced. I too have long term spinal and neck and back pain following severe trauma and surgery on my spine many years ago. I had been convinced I needed surgery again due to extreme pain and stiffness that was beginning to affect my movement. Like my friend I had incredible relief after just one consultation and massage, I can really highly recommend Matthew, his treatment is outstanding and knowledgeable, Matthew really listens to what you have told him and he makes you very at ease and comfortable.

Reviews for back pain treatment Edinburgh

* * * * *  BACK STIFFNESS EDINBURGH – Absolutely amazing massage! I booked in with Matthew after suffering from weeks of shoulder and back stiffness. I read the reviews and booked a 1.5hour appointment. I couldn’t believe the difference at the end of the session! That was 4 weeks ago and my still feel as good as new. Matthew is a friendly guy and puts you at ease straight away. He explains what he is going to do and how it will benefit. I would definitely recommend to others and return again.”
Cameron Scott

* * * * *  SCOLIOSIS TREATMENT EDINBURGH – “I have scoliosis, which means my spine is a curved shaped, and can have periods of sore back pains and periods where it is fine. I had a few sessions and the periods where the scoliosis hasn’t given my grief are more frequent and longer than before! Would highly recommend, a really nice guy who knows what he is doing and with a high knowledge of the body and pain.”

Reviews for back massage in Edinburgh

* * * * *   BACK MASSAGE EDINBURGH – “Matthew is fantastic at what he does. I attended/attend him for migraine relief initially and subsequently lower/middle back pain (job related). He has a very calming placid manner and a wealth of knowledge. His work is extremely thorough. Since attending him I have less frequent migraines and my back pain is a lot more manageable. I would highly recommend him.”
Miriam Tuttle

* * * * *   BACK PAIN EDINBURGH – “I have had a chronic right sided back problem since January, I have seen several physios, and two osteopaths without much improvement, Great to have found Matthew who is extremely thorough and professional, he uses different techniques to anyone else I have tried, he has definitely helped me. I am not in Edinburgh permanently but when I am here I make a point of booking in, just wish I was able to have more regular sessions as I am sure this would be beneficial. Deep tissue massage really helps with back pain. I would have no hesitation in recommending Matthew to anyone.”
Jane Spencer

Reviews for back massage in Edinburgh

* * * * *  LOWER BACK PAIN EDINBURGH – Matthew is one of the best in the business. I went to him for a sports injury and also on short notice he was happy to accommodate me. He spends time showing you where your having pain and what areas will be worked on. He is very knowledgeable in the muscle skeletory system. I had pain in my lower back where I could hardly move one session with Matthew and it was a total difference. I had my mobility back and felt 200 times better. I will now be making monthly appointments with Matthew. I cannot recommend his treatments enough. Thanks again Matthew
Scott Kidon

* * * * *   BACK TENSION EDINBURGH – “Feeling great after an appointment with Mathew to release the tension in my back muscles. Matthew has a very relaxed and engaging manner. He listened to my problem, asked lots of questions and at the end he explained exactly what the key areas were and what I should keep in mind to avoid tension building up there. Highly recommended.”
Anamaria Rehbein

Reviews for back massage in Edinburgh

* * * * *  LOWER BACK MASSAGE EDINBURGH – “I used Matthew because I was having lower back pain and for a number of years have had tension in my neck and shoulders, my first visit was very relaxed and friendly, I discussed what pain I was in , and after a check of my spine, Matthew said a deep massage would help, after my first appointment, I feel great and I still have a few sore point but will be making an appointment next month for a top up, would highly recommend. Matthew is a professional and knows what he is doing.”
Lisa M

* * * * *   BACK MASSAGE EDINBURGH – “My boyfriend booked me in for an hour of treatment with Matthew after a stressful couple of weeks at work to help relieve some stress and back pain I had been experiencing. My visit did exactly that. In a relaxing atmosphere, Matthew helped me to understand what was going on with my muscles while explaining what exactly he was going to do, and even giving me some tips for the future before I left. Matthew is friendly and professional and communication was quick and easy. I had been experiencing pain in my lower back, neck and shoulders which have all definitely improved since my visit. I will be back and I have already booked my boyfriend in for a treatment to return the favour.”
Mairead Keating

Reviews for back massage Edinburgh

* * * * *  BACK MASSAGE EDINBURGH – “Best Massage I have had in Edinburgh. I have stiff shoulders and a back problem, feel brilliant after the massage. Highly recommend.”

* * * * *  UPPER BACK MASSAGE EDINBURGH – “First sports massage and was very impressed! I was struggling with my upper back and Matthew was able to tailor the massage to my needs, targeting the areas of tension – left feeling very relaxed. He also recommended stretches and tips to improve my posture. Will definitely return! Great guy, great place and great value for money.”
Matthew Bell

Reviews for back pain treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *  LOWER BACK PAIN EDINBURGH – “I came to Matthew with pain in my lower back and hips. As someone who has a very physical job and enjoys being active, the pain was definitely slowing me down. Matthew did a very thorough assessment, explaining exactly what was going on and what he could do to help. The massage therapy provided great relief from the pain in my lower back and hips. The stretches and postures tips I was given have made a big impact daily, on preventing a tight back and hips. 10/10 would use again.”
Charlotte Crerar

* * * * *  BACK PAIN EDINBURGH – “I had a very positive experience with Matthew! He was so friendly, relaxed and experienced. I was experiencing quite severe headaches and they improved after a few days of seeing him. The back pain I was complaining of was also relieved. He gave me tips on a better posture to prevent back pain in the future, and the price was very reasonable! I would highly recommend him.”
Hanna Savidge-Walker

* * * * *  DANCER BACK PAIN EDINBURGH – “I was visiting Leith for a week from the States and booked a massage with Matthew for upper back, hip, and lower leg tightness resulting from Highland Dance, general stress, and a long flight. Matthew expertly addressed each of these areas and I noticed a difference right away. I attended a local Highland class two days later and had noticeably more ease with turnout, and no cramping in my calves or feet. I was really impressed and only wish I lived in town, as I’d be booking regular appointments with him! If you’re a Highland dancer in or visiting Edinburgh, definitely look him up!”
Lauren Welker

* * * * *  LOWER  BACK PAIN EDINBURGH – “Fantastic massage, probably the best one I’ve had! I had been experiencing some ongoing lower back pain & general body aches. After an hour with Matthew I felt fantastic & totally relaxed. I instantly felt taller & much more aware of my posture! Thanks for the pelvic tilt advice….I’m noticing the difference everyday! I’m looking forward to my next appointment already!”
Sarah Berwick

* * * * *  BACK PAIN EDINBURGH – My back feels a millions times better and I’ve stopped getting cramps in my calfs. Have another appointment next month and will probably make this a regular thing. Well worth a visit.