Calf / shin splints / foot pain treatment reviews

Reviews for calf / shin / foot / Achilles tendon / ankle pain treatment, anterior compartment syndrome treatment, calf massage and foot massage Edinburgh

[Key muscles treated include gastrocnemius (gastroc), soleus, tibialis posterior, tibialis anterior, peroneals (peroneus longus, brevis and tertius), big toe flexors. Also the plantarfascia and realignment of the tarsal bones of the foot.] 

5 Stars for lower leg and foot pain…everywhere!

Calf / Shin / Foot pain treatment and anterior compartment syndrome treatment Edinburgh


* * * * *  PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALLER LOWER LEG PAIN EDINBURGH – I am a professional footballer who has played for the last 17 years and have built up many aches and pains along the way especially in the lower limb area. However visiting Mathew on a weekly basis has helped me massively to reduce tightness and scar tissue in certain areas. I highly recommend the quality and depth of massage received by Matthew to any professional sportsperson.
Don Cowie (Hearts FC, First Team)

* * * * *  RUNNING CALF PAIN EDINBURGH – “I trained through a minor calf tear for an ultramarathon three months ago which left significant scar tissue. On trying to start training again I have suffered inflammation around my shin, tightness and lack of mobility; a myriad of problems stretching, balance and strength training exercises recommended by other physios have been unable to resolve. Two Sundays ago I attempted to go running and didn’t make it past the end of the street. I went to see Matthew to try acupuncture for the first time on Wednesday. Matthew gave me combined massage and acupuncture treatment around the affected areas. On Saturday, just 6 days after failing to get further than the end of the street, I was able to run 9 miles. My stride pattern had opened up, the burning sensation on uphill climbs was alleviated and downhill I was flying rather than scared. Matthew only treated the one leg, and this leg felt far more comfortable, loose and flexible than the untreated (but uninjured) leg, confirming that the treatment was extremely effective. The scar tissue, previously a lump the size of a golf ball is perhaps halved in size from one treatment, and I was able to go running again the following day. I’ve never experienced an improvement on this level! I’m already making my next appointment.”
Elly Gaunt

 Reviews for calf / shin / foot / ankle pain in Edinburgh

* * * * *  RUNNING FOOT PAIN – “Saw Matthew for the first time yesterday, I’m over the moon that I did! He was very professional and kind, the surroundings were very peaceful and he took time to listen to what all my running related issues were before I even got on the couch. To cut to the chase I went in in pain and limping and came out completely pain free (still not hurting the next day). He performed a minor miracle on my foot, I’m so happy! Thanks Jesus (I mean Matthew!). See you again! :)”
Gina Browse

* * * * *  LEG PAIN EDINBURGH – “Recommend for sports/remedial massage. My legs had a whole new lease of life!
Lisa Hack

 Reviews for calf / shin splints / foot pain in Edinburgh

* * * * *  SPIN SPLINTS EDINBURGH – “I contacted Matthew after experiencing pain in my shins and legs which were exacerbated by regular spin classes and even just walking to work. At my first appointment, Matthew went through my full issues and the problem areas and how this was affecting me. He then detailed exactly what he thought the issue was and explained how he would go about trying to sort it. Matthew was very professional and thorough when it came to treating my injuries and after one session I’ve felt a significant improvement in the pain experienced when I walk / exercise. I’ll definitely be going back to Matthew as I’ve a few other niggles that I trust him to get to the root cause and treat for me.”
Emma-Elizabeth Murphy

* * * * *  FOOT PAIN EDINBURGH – “Matthew is very friendly and very knowledgeable. I had a problem with my right foot for over two years and nothing had worked. One hour with Matthew and the pain in my heel has lessened considerably. I’m even starting up with sport again after all this time. Give this guy a go – he’s professional and knows his stuff.”
Nick Dunne

 Reviews for calf / shin / foot / ankle pain in Edinburgh

* * * * *  CYCLING LEG PAIN EDINBURGH – “Matthew has a very professional approach to his work that fills you with confidence that the results from the sessions will be what you are looking for. I had recently took part in a charty ride from Edinburgh to London and back in 3 days, so my body was in need of something, Matthew had been supporting us from the off and offered a service second to none, when I’m in Edinburgh again doing any sort of sporting event I will be sure to give Matthew a call. Top bloke great service and thank you so much for your support. I wish you all the best in the future.”
Joseph Robson

* * * * *  RUNNING ACHILLES TENDON EDINBURGH –  “I have found it quite difficult to find a good a reliable sports massage but have eventually found it with matthew. as a long distance runner i suffer with the odd injury and can be guaranteed to have it sorted in next to no time thanks to matthews proffesionalism and skill in sports massages. i highly reccomend him and no longer need to look any further for a reliable experience.”
Andrew Herbert

 Reviews for calf / shin / foot / ankle pain in Edinburgh

* * * *  DANCING LOWER LEG PAIN – “As an ex-dancer, I alway get aches and pains! Matthew is very friendly and highly skilled and I always leave feeling relaxed and with no pain!
Marray Grant

* * * * *  “CALF MASSAGE EDINBURGH – “I visited Matthew for some back pains after a weekend of heavy backpacking, and not only did he sort that out, but he found and fixed pains in my soleus that I didn’t even realised I had. Highly professional. Highly recommended.”
Michael Hobart

 Reviews for Achilles tendon pain in Edinburgh

* * * * *  LOWER LEG PAIN EDINBURGH – “As an Army Triathlete, having access to a good sports Massage is vital to aid pre and post recovery. In a word Matthew is First Class, having been a client for for many months, I can honesty say that his knowledge, advice and openness is second to none. I would highly recommend him.”
S. Penn

* * * * *  ACHILLES TENDON PAIN EDINBURGH – “I went to see Matthew with problems in my back and Achilles’ tendon. In an hour he had brought much relief to both and had almost sent me to sleep! Excellent in every way.”

* * * * *  ACHILLES TENDON PAIN EDINBURGH – “Great massage service, had sports massage and acupuncture to help with my Achilles tendonopathy a couple of days before doing half iron man as a last ditch effort to subside the pain and it was so much better afterwards! Completed the race with minimal pain and the feeling has remained. Ill definitely be going for follow ups with Matthew. Really great service and relaxed atmosphere. Would recommend his services to anyone looking for massage therapy in Edinburgh!”
James Almond

 Reviews for calf / shin / foot pain in Edinburgh

* * * * *  RUNNING SHIN PAIN EDINBURGH –As a runner I needed some help to reduce pain in my knee and shin (shin splints). To be honest, I had never had sport massage before. Although I have had only two sessions with Matthew, after the first session I could feel the difference. He is very genuine, attentive during the consultation. Matthew gets to the bottom and explains to me what he is going to do. He also gives a few suggestions how to help prevent further injury. He is absolutely thorough. I can only speak highly of him.”
Agnes Pelle

* * * * *  ANKLE PAIN EDINBURGH – “Matthew was extremely professional and clearly has a lot of experience. I am a professional dancer so had quite a few different issues, he took time to talk everything through with me and explained the anatomy behind my problems which I really appreciated. The massage was very effective and relaxing. The problems I was facing which included very tight shoulders, a twingey ankle and pain in my wrist were nearly all sorted with just one treatment but I can’t wait to go back to continue treatment on my forearm. Finally I was also very pleased with the price of a consultation and one hour massage as it’s the cheapest yet best I’ve ever had! Highly recommend, especially to sports people or dancers.”
Jodie Honeybourne

Reviews for lower leg pain in Edinburgh

* * * * *  DANCER LOWER LEG PAIN EDINBURGH – “I was visiting Leith for a week from the States and booked a massage with Matthew for upper back, hip, and lower leg tightness resulting from Highland Dance, general stress, and a long flight. Matthew expertly addressed each of these areas and I noticed a difference right away. I attended a local Highland class two days later and had noticeably more ease with turnout, and no cramping in my calves or feet. I was really impressed and only wish I lived in town, as I’d be booking regular appointments with him! If you’re a Highland dancer in or visiting Edinburgh, definitely look him up!”
Lauren Welker

* * * * *  CALF CRAMP – “My back feels a millions times better and I’ve stopped getting cramps in my calfs. Have another appointment next month and will probably make this a regular thing. Well worth a visit.”

* * * * * FOOT TENDONITIS – “He’s Mr Fix-it! I’ve been to Matthew twice now and he’s first rate. Initially I went with excruciating foot pain, suspected inflammation / tendonitis after a hilly 10k. After the massage I felt much better and the pain had subsided a great deal. His knowledge of the human body is amazing and he explained everything he was doing and the reasons why. By the second visit a month later my foot pain had disappeared and I went back because my leg muscles / ITB were tight from running. Matthew again listened, asked what I’d like focused on, stuck to the plan, gave advice on home stretching and strengthening. He’s a quiet calm gentleman, knowledgeable but not pushy and very interested in actually getting to the route of the problem and fixing it. No time is wasted making pointless or light moves, he targets the area(s) you want and checks that the pressure is firm enough for you (and he’s gives good pressure). He is very personable and his prices are very reasonable. His massages are really very good and I’d highly recommend Matthew to anyone (my husband now goes to him too)!”

* * * * *  LOWER LEG AND FOOT PAIN – “I have been to see Matthew twice now. The first time I went with leg and foot pain I was having as a result of training for a half-marathon. The second time was due to knee pain after a week of walking on the Isle of Skye. Each visit, he spent lots of time asking specific questions about my symptoms and then explained in detail what he thought might be happening (including giving me exercises I could try at home to improve the situation). The massage was perfect — the best I’ve ever had! It was specific to the problems I was having, and I felt much better than before. I would highly recommend Matthew to anyone!”

Reviews for calf pain in Edinburgh

* * * * *  CALF PAIN – “Great massage, and really nice follow up with specific suggestions for stretches that target the areas that have been bothering me.”
David Evans

* * * * *  RUNNER’S CALF PAIN – “I’m no longer a local to Edinburgh and only discovered Matthew long after I left. However, he was so good that I now find myself booking a massage every time I go home to visit for a few days. On my last visit Matthew did a lot of good work on my troublesome left calf but what really impressed me was how much he had noted from my previous visit months before and so he checked whether I was still having trouble with my shoulder and lower back too.  He makes the effort to question and/or explain what might be causing problems and obviously has a good grasp of anatomy and how the muscles link to each other. He has magical fingers and seems to know just how deep to go to loosen off knots and tight muscles. This is not one of those massages where the masseuse just goes through the same routine with every client. Matthew tailors the massage to the specific areas that need work.
If only he was based near me I’m sure my running would be much improved with his help!”

* * * * *  RUNNER’S CALF PAIN – “I went to see Matthew as my marathon training had given me very tight calves. Afterwards, my calves felt much better straight away, and by the following day all the pain and tightness had gone. The best result was that a few days later, after an 18 mile run, I woke up to completely pain-free calves – usually I can’t even stand up straight the morning after a long run as my calves are so tight! I’ll definitely go and see Matthew again.”
Jenni Brodie

Reviews for leg massage in Edinburgh

* * * * *  LEG MASSAGE EDINBURGH – “Very relaxing shoulder, back and leg massage. The benefits are apparent a week later. Matthew listens carefully about where you feel work needs done and tailors the massaging accordingly. He also asks if there are any areas you feel have not been covered adequately. First class all round.”
William Hogg