Headache / Migraine treatment reviews

A headache or migraine is often caused by tension in the muscles of the upper back and neck. We will assess these as well as other possible causes, such as misaligned vertebrae and ribs. Our Advanced Sports Massage treatments address all of these, and generally give fast relief from headaches and migraines. Results last anything from a few days to many months. 

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5 Stars everywhere

Tension headache / Migraine treatment Edinburgh

Tension headaches treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *  TENSION HEADACHES EDINBURGH – “Matthew did some work in my shoulders, neck and ribs, the benefit of which is headache free since the day of the session. Quite amazing as I suffer from a lot of headaches. The added bonus for me was feeling relaxed when I left.”
Helen O’Donnell

* * * * *  TENSION HEADACHES EDINBURGH – “I grew up with an aunt who was a massage addict-as she didn’t have any children, I was lucky enough that she took me along! Countless spas with different techniques, but nothing comes close to Matt! With all other massages, I left still in pain, or perhaps even worse and the people performing the massage wouldn’t listen to me if I asked for them to focus on a particular area, or wouldn’t focus long enough. Matt is meticulous. He genuinely takes his time to listen to all of my concerns, starts out identifiying problem areas, then REALLY focuses in on those the entire massage. Its both relaxing and relieving. Plus, he always asks if there’s any areas he missed or I want more work on. I go a month without pain after I see him, which is absolutely unbelievable. I have issues with previous sports injuries, as well as pain from current weightlifting and frequent tension headaches from studying-he knows how to target it all! He even threw in acupuncture and a foot massage, all for a third of the cost that I paid at spas in the States. If I move out of Edinburgh, I would genuinely make trips back just to see him. You won’t be sorry! In fact, you’ll be hooked!”

* * * * *  HEADACHE TREATMENT EDINBURGH – “Big improvement in back/neck stiffness in one session & stopped headaches! Very friendly & professional.”
Vicki Jarrett

* * * * *  HEADACHES & NAUSEA – “After a bad six months that involved a serious car accident and being knocked off my bike in a hit and run, I went to Matthew. I was suffering from a lot of muscular pain in my neck and upper back, as well as typical whiplash symptoms: constant bad headaches and nausea. Matthew took lots of time listening to my troubles and focusing in on my key problems before starting treatment. Within a day or two, my symptoms (particularly the headaches and nausea) had greatly diminished. The muscular pain and tightness around my head, neck and upper back were much improved. I’d strongly recommend Matthew’s services.”
Lauren B

* * * * *  HEADACHES EDINBURGH – The experience of Matthew Priest was first class. not only did I like the professionalism of the session but it actually really worked! I had a sore shoulder from bad posture overnight and after two days the pain was acute. I booked into a very reputable West End massage place to try to give relief. Sadly – with a lighter wallet and two days later the pain was just as acute as before (headaches and inability to concentrate or function). So on the 4th day of this I found my way to Matthew and he gave the spot some very deep massage plus hot stones plus acupuncture. I am now 8 hours later and can honestly say the pain has all but gone. I feel lighter, can concentrate and also function again. Oh and the cost was less that the other with many add ons….Thankyou Matthew I will come to you first next time.

Migraine treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *  MIGRAINE TREATMENT EDINBURGH – “I can’t stress enough how helpful and professional Mathews service is. I suffer from migraines and neck pains and for few years I have tried so many things that I lost hope it would ever get better. After first session I felt unbelievable difference ! I never had a massage and migraine treatment that would ease my pain so much… Matthew is treating every client individually and he’s really committed to help. The atmosphere is lovely and I always feel very comfortable when I come in. I highly recommend Mathew to everyone and I am glad I have been recommended  his service by my friend !! xx”
Barbara Czyrwik

* * * * *  MIGRAINE TREATMENT EDINBURGH – “Matthew is fantastic at what he does. I attended/attend him for migraine relief initially and subsequently lower/middle back pain (job related). He has a very calming placid manner and a wealth of knowledge. His work is extremely thorough. Since attending him I have less frequent migraines and my back pain is a lot more manageable. I would highly recommend him.”
Miriam Tuttle

* * * * *  MIGRAINE TREATMENT EDINBURGH – “First visit for intensive treatment on my neck following weeks of cyclical migraine attacks and cervical muscle spasm. Excellent session of targeted trigger point release followed by acupuncture. Left with shoulders feeling further away from my ears than they’ve felt for years, and headaches have been much reduced. Will be widely recommending Matthew as a very skilled MSK practitioner. Thanks for your help.”
Steve Watson

Chronic headache treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *  CHRONIC HEADACHES EDINBURGH – “I went to see Matthew about a chronic headache and was impressed by the depth of his engagement. Rather than just starting with the massage, he took the time to interview me to try and figure out to the root of the problem so he could better address it. Only after a thorough professional analysis did he begin to work on the various problem areas he identified. He kept asking for feedback after he’d try a certain thing. It was a very rewarding experience as I felt that he was genuinely invested in solving my problem with an individually tailored solution, rather than just performing a general massage. He also took the time to explain what he was doing every step of the way and the result he was hoping to accomplish with it. He also demonstrated a commitment to going the extra mile, by offering to massage a different part of my body when the acupuncture needles were in my neck, so my time wouldn’t be wasted just lying on a table and waiting. Overall it was probably the best massage I’ve ever had. Beyond alleviating some of my headache pain, it actually addressed and fixed other niggles that I didn’t even realise I had until they were gone! He’s worth every penny.”
Hamza Hayauddin

* * * * *  CHRONIC HEADACHES EDINBURGH – “Due to high level on work stress, I have been getting regular headache treatment by Matthew for the last two years. I suffer from tension headaches and a sore hip. My headaches have completely disappeared and my hip is in much less pain. If suffer body pains and want to increase the quality of your life I recommend regular treatment by Matthew.”

* * * * *  CHRONIC HEADACHE TREATMENT EDINBURGH – “I had a very positive experience with Matthew! He was so friendly, relaxed and experienced. I was experiencing quite severe headaches and they improved after a few days of seeing him. The back pain I was complaining of was also relieved. He gave me tips on a better posture to prevent back pain in the future, and the price was very reasonable! I would highly recommend him.”
Hanna Savidge-Walker

Head tension treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *  HEAD TENSION EDINBURGH – “I carry a lot of tension in my head, neck, and shoulders. Felt so chilled and relieved after the massage. I will definitely be back and have recommended Matthew to friends.”
Patrick Gilhooley