Massage…. to relax

Relaxation Massage and Insomnia Treatment Edinburgh

A massage of serenity & tranquility, for relaxation or insomnia treatment. Leave the everyday behind and take some time out just for yourself.
1h:      £45
1½ h:  £65
2h:      £85
 (concessions available)

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A Relaxation Massage is perfect for immediate stress relief and improved sleep or insomnia treatment in Edinburgh. Some people even drift in & out of sleep during their treatment. A mixture of techniques and depths are used to create a varied and deeply relaxing massage. For some, a Relaxation Massage is a one-off pampering treatment. For others, it is a regular treat to improve their mental health and emotional well-being, or to reduce insomnia. 

The choice is yours whether you opt for a back massage or a full body massage. Some people enjoy soothing work on their hands and feet, or some gentle massage and movement of the head and neck. Similarly, you can choose to include some Deep Tissue / Remedial work or to keep it purely relaxing. Hot stones and essential oils can add an extra element of luxury.  If you don’t want to make any decisions, just leave it all in Matthew and Grant’s capable hands.

“Thanks for the flight in dreamy gossamer silk.”

“This is the first time I’ve felt good in ages. Can’t thank you enough.”

“A sensitive, skilled, caring masseur.”


Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage Edinburgh, Insomnia Treatment Edinburgh

30 warm basalt stones are gently massaged into your muscles to relieve pain & tension. The ancient therapy of Hot Stone Massage can be combined with any of the other massages. In this way, the hot stones become an extension of the masseur’s hands, working into tight muscles in your back, legs, arms, hands and/or feet. Hot stone massage is interspersed with other massage techniques to give a sumptuous and relaxing experience.

“A rare treat. His hands seem to work magic and the heat from the stones is very relaxing, thanks Matthew.”

Massage gift vouchers are available for Relaxation Massage and insomnia treatment.

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