Knee pain treatment reviews

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Knee pain treatment Edinburgh, runner's knee treatment, knee injury Edinburgh, cyclist's knee treatment

* * * * *  KNEE INJURY EDINBURGH – “I visited Matthew suffering from constant sore knees and associated long term hip issues. He asked many questions to better understand my concerns and to determine treatment. He was so considerate and knowledgeable and I felt fully reassured that I was in safe hands. The results were amazing. I could drive away without any discomfort changing gear. I could kick higher and harder than I have managed to date at my kick boxing class! Thank you so much!
Susan Rankin

* * * * *  RUNNER’S KNEE EDINBURGH – “I have found it quite difficult to find a good a reliable sports massage but have eventually found it with matthew. As a long distance runner i suffer with the odd injury (including runner’s knee). I can be guaranteed to have it sorted in next to no time thanks to matthews proffesionalism and skill in sports massages. I highly reccomend him and no longer need to look any further for a reliable experience.”
Andrew Herbert

Reviews for knee pain treatment / runner’s knee / cycling knee pain in Edinburgh

* * * * *  KNEE INJURY EDINBURGH – “Visited Matthew after suffering from grinding knees, for around 3 years which got worse after a leg fracture. He was very welcoming and conducted a full interview to pin point exactly the problem. During the massage, he highlighted the different points that he noticed that needed corrected, and explained everything in depth. After the massage he explained fully what was the cause and gave me simple exercises the help maintain/improve my knees. A week later, I’ve already noticed a big improvement! Thanks again!”
Joe Spencer

* * * * *  KNEE PAIN EDINBURGH – “Matthew finds out lots of information first , professional and made me feel at ease ! Went for problems with my knee, he looked at various areas and explained everything throughout ! Would definitely recommend.”
Natasha Shanley

Reviews for knee pain treatment / runner’s knee / cycling knee pain in Edinburgh

* * * * *  RUNNING KNEE PAIN EDINBURGH – “As a Army Triathlete, having access to a good sports Massage is vital to aid pre and post recovery. In a word Matthew is First Class. Having been a client for for many months, I can honesty say that his knowledge, advice and openness is second to none. I would highly recommend him.”
S Penn

 * * * * *  KNEE PAIN EDINBURGH – Hi Matt, thanks for sorting out my knee problem, no more pain. Your attention to details and your hard work during my sessions are very much appreciated.”
Mo Abed

Reviews for knee pain treatment / runner’s knee / cycling knee pain in Edinburgh

 * * * * * CYCLING KNEE PAIN EDINBURGH – “Having retired, I’m now able to do more cycling both off and on-road. I’ve just come back from a week of cycling in Lanzarote. I now really appreciate how important my sports massage is for my overall well being. It probably won’t extend my life but it will certainly make it more enjoyable. It will also extend the number of years that I can continue to participate. Thanks Matthew.
Robert Virtue

* * * * *  RUNNER’S KNEE EDINBURGH – “Recommend for sports/remedial massage. My legs had a whole new lease of life!
Lisa Hack

Reviews for knee pain treatment / runner’s knee / cycling knee pain in Edinburgh

* * * * *  RUNNING KNEE PAIN EDINBURGH –As a runner I needed some help to reduce pain in my knee and shin. To be honest, I had never had sport massage before. Although I have had only two sessions with Matthew, after the first session I could feel the difference. He is very genuine, attentive during the consultation. Matthew gets to the bottom and explains to me what he is going to do. He also gives a few suggestions how to help prevent further injury. He is absolutely thorough. I can only speak highly of him.”
Agnes Pelle

* * * * *  SWOLLEN KNEE TREATMENT EDINBURGH – “Having broke my hip 6 months ago, I have suffered from severe knee Inflammation and pain on top of the hip pain. I went to see Matthew after a recommendation. Matthew took the time to listen to my complaint, assessed and then drew up a tailored treatment plan including acupuncture. Having never had a deep tissue massage before I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was soon put at ease. Matthew is professional throughout the treatment. After one treatment the result was amazing and the pain in my knee was less intense and moved more freely. I have now had two treatments with Mathew and can highly recommend him.”
Charlotte Kustra

* * * * * IT BAND PAIN EDINBURGH – “He’s Mr Fix-it! I’ve been to Matthew twice now and he’s first rate. Initially I went with excruciating foot pain, suspected inflammation / tendonitis after a hilly 10k. After the massage I felt much better and the pain had subsided a great deal. His knowledge of the human body is amazing and he explained everything he was doing and the reasons why. By the second visit a month later my foot pain had disappeared and I went back because my leg muscles / ITB were tight from running. Matthew again listened, asked what I’d like focused on, stuck to the plan, gave advice on home stretching and strengthening. He’s a quiet calm gentleman, knowledgeable but not pushy and very interested in actually getting to the route of the problem and fixing it. No time is wasted making pointless or light moves, he targets the area(s) you want and checks that the pressure is firm enough for you (and he’s gives good pressure). He is very personable and his prices are very reasonable. His massages are really very good and I’d highly recommend Matthew to anyone (my husband now goes to him too)!”

* * * * *  KNEE PAIN – “I have been to see Matthew twice now. The first time I went with leg and foot pain I was having as a result of training for a half-marathon. The second time was due to knee pain after a week of walking on the Isle of Skye. Each visit, he spent lots of time asking specific questions about my symptoms and then explained in detail what he thought might be happening (including giving me exercises I could try at home to improve the situation). The massage was perfect — the best I’ve ever had! It was specific to the problems I was having, and I felt much better than before. I would highly recommend Matthew to anyone!”