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Heart Health Benefits of Running

By guest contributor ACLS Training Centre. Running is one of the most popular athletic activities for both fitness and fun. Although it can be challenging and exhausting, men and women run every day for a variety of reasons. Some of the most important benefits from the sport are health-related. Improving heart…

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What are trigger points?

What are trigger points? Trigger points are little super-sensitive area of muscle that send signals along nerves to give pain in another area of the body. Headaches caused by trigger points in the upper back are a common example. Trigger points can cause damage to the muscle cells and can weaken the muscle. It’s…

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Tingly arms: what causes it and how massage fixes it

Tingling down arms: ‘thoracic outlet syndrome’ Tingling in the arm and/or hand is one of the really common issues that people present with in my massage clinic. Often the tingly or numb feeling is particularly bad in bed at night. It can be brought on by using a mouse at a…

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How to prevent runner’s knee (iliotibial band syndrome)

What is runner’s knee? Runner’s knee is a common niggle that can escalate into a full-blown fun-spoiler if it’s ignored. The cyclists among us might be familiar with the same issue, but under a different name – ‘cyclist’s knee’. It can be a frustrating obstacle for people who are trying to get…

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