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Neck pain Edinburgh, wryneck, torticollis, whiplash treatment, neck injury, neck and shoulder massage, stiff neck, neck tension

Wryneck / torticollis treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *  WRYNECK / TORTICOLLIS EDINBURGH – “I had so much neck pain during a bad sleeping position, so I went to see Mathew for the first time, he checked everything and explained me that what happened and what he gonna do next. He did his best and helped me to get rid of this horrible neck pain (wryneck / torticollis), thank you so much for your help, very nice down to earth person, simply amazing.”
Amrinder Singh

* * * * *  WRYNECK / TORTICOLLIS EDINBURGH – “Had never had a sports massage before, however having had a wryneck / torticollis for several days I was getting frustrated by the approach of just taking prescribed pills I was willing to try anything. Matthew fitted me in at very short notice, was very understanding and knowledgable of the problem and put me completely at ease. He explained to me everything that he was going and also gave me some stretches to continue using. Would highly recommend Matthew to anyone who is looking for wryneck / torticollis treatment in Edinburgh. After an hour with Matthew I was able to turn my head properly and felt much more relaxed about the whole situation because he took the time to explain how the muscles were working. Very patient and professional – highly recommended.”
Jane E

Whiplash treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *  WHIPLASH TREATMENT EDINBURGH – “I went to Matthew after a bad six months that involved a serious car accident and being knocked off my bike in a hit and run. I was suffering from a lot of muscular pain in my neck and upper back, as well as typical whiplash symptoms: constant bad headaches and nausea. Matthew took lots of time listening to my troubles and focusing in on my key problems before starting treatment. Within a day or two, my whiplash symptoms (particularly the headaches and nausea) had greatly diminished. The muscular pain and tightness around my head, neck and upper back were much improved. I’d strongly recommend Matthew’s services.”
Lauren B

* * * * *  WHIPLASH TREATMENT EDINBURGH – “Initially the first massage appointment I made with Matthew, was for my friend who had been suffering with daily back pain for 12 years after a bad car accident. His experience was of immediate relief, and he was astounded that one massage would be so beneficial. He has returned to Matthew for follow up and each visit really helps his long term pain. I booked my own massage with Matthew after the brilliant experience my friend had experienced. I too have long term spinal and neck pain following severe trauma and surgery on my spine many years ago. I had been convinced I needed surgery again due to extreme pain and stiffness that was beginning to affect my movement. Like my friend I had incredible relief after just one consultation and massage, I can really highly recommend Matthew, his treatment is outstanding and knowledgeable, Matthew really listens to what you have told him and he makes you very at ease and comfortable.”

* * * * * WHIPLASH NECK INJURY EDINBURGH – “Matthew is very knowledgeable and thorough in his approach. I came to him with a nasty case of whiplash neck injury and his diagnosis of quite a complex set of symptoms seemed pretty accurate. He tailors his massage exactly to what is required – a gentle touch or firm mobilization. He shows a real passion for what he does and is committed to continuously developing his skills. Highly recommended for whiplash treatment!”
Graeme High

Neck injury treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *  NECK INJURY EDINBURGH – “I have carried neck and back pain for years after a bad rugby tackle and neck injury. After seeing Matthew I felt like a brand new woman. He carefully listened to exactly what was wrong with my neck and back and gave me a thorough assessment and then figured out the problem area and worked on it straight away. My neck has not felt this good in years. My range of movement has significantly increased and I have no pain or discomfort at all. Matthew is nothing short of a miracle worker. He was thorough in his assessment and his work, the environment was calm, peaceful and relaxing. I would highly recommend Matthew to everyone I know.”
Amy Neill

* * * * *  NECK INJURY EDINBURGH –  “I can’t recommend Matthew highly enough. The first time you go to a new massage therapist, it is usually a bit awkward. It wasn’t that way with Matthew at all, he puts you completely at ease. Matthew listened to me and was immediately able to identify the source of my pain including in one area which had been painful on and off for 15 years due to an old tennis neck injury. What I liked is that he explained exactly what he was doing, and exactly what he had done at the end of session. I’ve been to physios and other massage therapists – Matthew is by far the best.
Amy Fairbairn

Neck pain treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *  NECK PAIN EDINBURGH – “The best massage in Edinburgh. Matthew offers a first rate professional service. Never rushed, he takes time to assess the client’s needs. Pleasant and relaxing surroundings add to the experience. An expert masseur, he soothed away neck pain. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”
Mike D

* * * * *  NECK PAIN EDINBURGH – “First visit for intensive treatment on my neck following weeks of cyclical migraine attacks and cervical muscle spasm. Excellent session of targeted trigger point release followed by acupuncture. Left with shoulders feeling further away from my ears than they’ve felt for years, and headaches have been much reduced. Will be widely recommending Matthew as a very skilled MSK practitioner. Thanks for your help.”
Steve Watson

* * * * *  NECK PAIN EDINBURGH – “I’ve been experiencing neck, back and shoulder pain for a few years. In recent months the discomfort became progressively worse. I began researching for massage therapists and came across Matthew Priest’s website. After one appointment I have experienced significant improvement. The intense pain has been reduced and I feel much better already. I would gladly recommend Matthew to anyone with similar problems.”
David Barnwell

* * * * *  NECK PAIN EDINBURGH – “After a very stressful week of final exams at university, I decided to treat myself and get a massage for the first time in my life. Matthew took great care of me and explained to me everything he was going to do in order to alleviate the pain I was feeling in the neck area after spending two weeks in front of a computer studying for my finals. Matthew is a great professional and I’ll definitely be going back.”
Marc Girones

* * * * *  NECK PAIN EDINBURGH – “My GP recommended I went for a good sports massage to relieve a painful and knotted back and neck. I also had a problem with repetitive strain injury to my arm and so I was in desperate need of ‘fixing’! I’ve had two appointments with Matthew who is kind and very professional and has managed to sort out all my problem areas in those two visits. His massage is excellent and I can’t recommend him highly enough. His prices are also very good.”

* * * * *  NECK PAIN EDINBURGH – “Decided to visit Matthew with an issue with my neck. After one visit I have noticed a massive difference and neck feels a lot better and is now pain free. Very relaxing environment. Matthew is very knowledgeable and I would not hesitate to go return if/ when needed.”
Mikey M

* * * * * NECK PAIN EDINBURGH – “Absolutely fantastic, I suffer from really bad neck pain and Matthew’s initial appraisal helped him understand what treatment I would most benefit from. I would highly recommend the hot stones, amazing. This guy is great.”
Big Ron

* * * * *  NECK PAIN EDINBURGH – “After years of sciatic pain and neck pain I thought I would give Matthew a try, the best I’ve felt in a long long time, no neck pain and back pain reduced by loads. Keep up the good work.”
Kirsteen Hanglin

* * * * *  NECK PAIN EDINBURGH – “I went to Matthew wanting some treatment for a sore neck and left invigorated. All in all, an excellent service from a reliable, knowledgeable guy. Highly recommended.”

* * * * *  NECK PAIN EDINBURGH – “I cannot speak highly enough of Matthew’s skill and professionalism. Time is taken to discuss with the client their particular requirements and his professional knowledge is immediately apparent. Pleasant and relaxing surroundings add to the quality of the experience. I felt incredibly relaxed at the completion of the massage and neck pain had vanished. I have full confidence in his ability as a masseur and will certainly return. First class !”
Alan Duncan

* * * * *  NECK PAIN EDINBURGH – “Visited Matthew for help with a lower back injury sustained at work, and also ongoing neck issues. Matthew took extensive notes and spent a good while assessing my mobility and conducting a survey of my issues. He then discussed his findings and talked through a course of treatment for the injury. After the treatment for my lower back, I felt an immediate improvement and the manipulation certainly helped the pain disappear quickly. The upper back and neck massage was excellent and has helped with my neck pain and neck stiffness. Can recommend Matthew as a thorough professional.”
Stuart Malcolm

* * * * *  NECK PAIN EDINBURGH – “I can’t stress enough how helpful and professional Matthews service is. I suffer from migraines and neck pain and for few years I have tried so many things that I lost hope it would ever get better. After first session I felt unbelievable  difference ! I never had a massage and treatment that would ease my pain so much… Matthew is treating every client individually and he’s really committed to help. The atmosphere is lovely and I always feel very comfortable when I come in. I highly recommend Mathew to everyone and I am glad I have been recommended  his service by my friend !! xx”
Barbara Czyrwik

* * * * *  NECK PAIN EDINBURGH –  “Fantastic massage by a fantastic guy. I visited Matthew last month as I had been experiencing muscular pain in my shoulder, arm and neck. He took time to explore exactly where the pain was and what may be causing it before commencing a fantastically relaxing, yet firm massage where it was needed. As well as being very friendly and putting me at ease, his massage was amazing and I couldn’t recommend him more highly. I went away feeling great and am still feeling the benefits – so much so I have booked another appointment for next month! Thanks Matthew!”
Stephen Bridge

Neck and shoulder massage in Edinburgh

* * * * *  NECK AND SHOULDER MASSAGE EDINBURGH – “My boyfriend booked me in for an hour of treatment with Matthew after a stressful couple of weeks at work to help relieve some stress and back pain I had been experiencing. My visit did exactly that. In a relaxing atmosphere, Matthew helped me to understand what was going on with my muscles while explaining what exactly he was going to do, and even giving me some tips for the future before I left. Matthew is friendly and professional and communication was quick and easy. I had been experiencing pain in my lower back, neck and shoulders which have all definitely improved since my visit. I will be back and I have already booked my boyfriend in for a treatment to return the favour.”
Mairead Keating

* * * *  NECK AND SHOULDER MASSAGE EDINBURGH – “Really helped with a long-term shoulder/neck problem I had been struggling with. Initially felt very relaxed but more importantly the massage has helped my comfort when sleeping.”
Peter Elliott

* * * * *  NECK AND SHOULDER MASSAGE – recently had a steroid injection in my shoulder and was recommended to try and get some treatment on my neck and shoulders to help me towards alleviation of rolling shoulders forward. Matthew gave me an appointment at very short notice and helped considerably towards the start of making the exercises more effective. I intend him to be one of my first ports of call on next visit to Edinburgh.

* * * *  NECK AND SHOULDER MASSAGE EDINBURGH – “Really helped with a long-term shoulder/neck problem I had been struggling with. Initially felt very relaxed but more importantly the massage has helped my comfort when sleeping.”
Peter Elliott

* * * * *  NECK AND SHOULDER MASSAGE EDINBURGH – “This was my first sports massage, I’d had neck and shoulder pain for a few months. I’ve had much better results from one appointment with Matthew than I’ve had from my previous physio and Chiropractor appointments and the crunching feeling I had when I turned my neck has gone. Matthew is very nice and the hot oil and stones were really relaxing.”
Catherine Tranent

* * * * *  NECK AND SHOULDER MASSAGE EDINBURGH – “I’ve just experienced a really great massage from Matthew. I chose the Remedial massage option and wasn’t disappointed. Matthew seems to have a talent for finding the precise points where attention is needed and applying just the right pressure. I particularly appreciated him getting in deep around my neck and shoulders.”
Graham R

* * * * *  NECK AND SHOULDER MASSAGE EDINBURGH – “I carry a lot of tension in my head, neck, and shoulders. Felt so chilled and relieved after the massage. I will definitely be back and have recommended Matthew to friends.”
Patrick Gilhooley

Neck stiffness / stiff neck treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *  STIFF NECK / NECK STIFFNESS EDINBURGH – “I can certainly attest to the wealth of compliments featured here. My first sports massage with Matthew was met with a truly excellent, professional service. It combined some of the best elements encountered through previous masseurs (pre-massage heat via hot stones, incorporation of resistance techniques and a very thorough assessment). Matthew displays an exceptional level of knowledge and goes out if his way to make sure he can help, ensuring you are content throughout the entire visit. I aim for a sports massage once a month and saw Matthew requesting specific emphasis on the back with can tighten up easily.

At the end of the session I noticed reduced tension in the back and shoulders and improved range of motion in the neck after some work in that area. He was even able to assess and help with my hip which is sightly out of alignment. All in all, hugely impressed and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a sports massage :)”
Mahir Nozinovic

* * * * *  NECK STIFFNESS / STIFF NECK EDINBURGH – “I had an appointment with Matthew for the first time yesterday, not sure what I was expecting but Matthew is the kind of person that exudes kindness and his soft demeanour is all part of the relaxing atmosphere he works in. After an in-depth discussion of any issues that I might have had with my back, neck stiffness or spine in general; he worked on the realignment of specific vertebrae (his knowledge is amazing) in my back, neck and even did some work on my hips. Matthew is very professional and lets you know what he is going to do and what he is hoping to achieve with each step of the process.

All of this expert knowledge was combined with a very comfortable environment, that could do nothing but ease you into a state of relaxation. Matthew also gave me an amazing massage and I feel that I have been fixed without realising that I was broken. I woke this morning after the best nights sleep I have had in a long time. I can actually feel the difference in the work he did on my spine. Fantastic value for money and I will be recommending to my friends for sure and will certainly be back again on a regular basis. Thanks Matthew”
Martin Ingram

* * * * *  NECK STIFFNESS / STIFF NECK EDINBURGH – “I went to see Matthew hoping he could ease the pain in my hand caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. I came way knowing I had been in safe, knowledgable hands. Although there is still some tingling in my hands, it’s vastly improved. He also did some work on my shoulders, neck stiffness and ribs, the benefit of which is headache free since the day off the session. Quite amazing as I suffer from a lot of headaches. The added bonus for me was feeling relaxed when I left.”
Helen O’Donnell

* * * * *  NECK STIFFNESS / STIFF NECK EDINBURGH – “I went to Matthew with seized neck muscles that had resulted in 5 days of pain and limited mobility.
After the session was over, I had regained around 75% mobility in my neck, which was great. Even better, my long standing shoulder problems were immeasurably improved! A good, intense massage that you can really feel working. Worth every penny. Highly, highly recommended.”
Z Mochrie

* * * * *  NECK STIFFNESS / STIFF NECK EDINBURGH –  “Quite simply the best massage I’ve ever had. I suffer from stiff neck / shoulder and lower back trouble but at the end of the session I had neither, not to mention feeling totally relaxed. I will definitely be going back and have no hesitation in recommending Matthew to anyone. Thanks once again.”
Douglas Colman

* * * * *  NECK STIFFNESS / STIFF NECK EDINBURGH – “Big improvement in back / neck stiffness in one session & stopped headaches! Very friendly & professional.”
Vicki Jarrett

Neck tension treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *  NECK TENSION EDINBURGH – “After visiting Matthew for the first time yesterday i am feeling fantastic. The tension in my shoulders and neck and lower back have gone. I was impressed with Matthew taking the time to understand the route of the problem and found the session informative and helpful. A professional, polite approach put me at my ease. Thank you Matthew, great work, highly recommended.”
Paul Nivison

* * * * *  NECK TENSION EDINBURGH – “Simply the best massage in Edinburgh. I have had two treatments now with Matthew and he offers a most professional and amazing massage. I suffer from neck/shoulder tension and difficulty sleeping. After a discussion on areas needing attention, Matthew worked his magic. Great pressure and technique to find all areas causing me problems. After treatment I felt relaxed yet rejuvenated , and my natural sleep patterns returned. I work in the Travel Industry and have been lucky enough to have massage treatments in some of the best spas worldwide but nothing comes close to a massage with Matthew. He has a immaculate studio and natural relaxed personality that immediately puts you at ease. He really does offer most professional and high quality service. Cant recommend highly enough!”
Mark Ruck

* * * * *  NECK TENSION EDINBURGH – “Matthew puts you at ease from the start. Tension in neck, back, shoulders and hips has gone. I have had a lot of massage over the years, this being my first with Matthew, and I can honestly say that he is up there with the best. I look forward to my next session.”
Bill McGill

* * * * *  NECK TENSION EDINBURGH – “I used Matthew because I was having lower back pain and for a number of years have had tension in my neck and shoulders, my first visit was very relaxed and friendly, I discussed what pain I was in, and after a check of my spine, Matthew said a deep massage would help. After my first appointment I feel great and I still have a few sore point but will be making an appointment next month for a top up, would highly recommend , Matthew is a professional and knows what he is doing.”
Lisa M