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[Key muscles treated include the rotator cuff (supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, subscapularis), pectoralis major (pec major), pectoralis minor, coracobrachialis, deltoid, trapezius, teres major, latissimus dorsi (lats), levator scapulae.]

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frozen shoulder / weightlifting shoulder pain / shoulder pain / neck and shoulder tension / rotator cuff treatment / stiff upper back / shoulder injury and shoulder massage

Frozen shoulder treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *  FROZEN SHOULDER EDINBURGH – “First time I had experienced a sports massage. Matthew made the experience relaxed, comfortable and extremely beneficial. Suffering from a frozen shoulder for some time Matthew worked on the area and as a result I have experienced greater flexibility and movement. Importantly I was able to sleep through the night for the first time in several months. Thank you Matthew. Will certainly book again and highly recommend the professional service.” 
David Wilson

* * * * *  FROZEN SHOULDER TREATMENT EDINBURGH – “I highly recommend Matthew Priest for acupunture. I had a session with him recently, which helped to resolve both a ‘frozen shoulder’ and insomnia. A very patient and talented practitioner. Thanks Matthew!”
Natalie McCall

Weightlifting shoulder pain treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *  WEIGHTLIFTING SHOULDER PAIN EDINBURGH – “I had a sore shoulder due to a weight lifting injury. Tried Matthews medical accupuncture treatment. This helped a great deal in relieving the pain. Thanks.”

* * * * *  WEIGHTLIFTING SHOULDER PAIN – “As a bodybuilder I have been suffering from a sore left shoulder for over a year. As it wasn’t getting better I suspected I needed surgery on it. However after only two sessions with Matthew the injury seems to be 80-90% eliminated. He quickly diagnosed it was the medial rotator cuff and worked intensively on it. Im sure after another couple sessions it will be 100% recovered. Im glad I found this guy.”
Jamie Moffat

* * * * *  WEIGHTLIFTING SHOULDER PAIN EDINBURGH – “Great service and in a great environment. Matthew helped me with shoulder pains I was having from weightlifting. He is very detailed in his explanations and definitely knows his stuff. Would highly recommend!”
Ritchie Chan

Rotator cuff treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *  ROTATOR CUFF TREATMENT EDINBURGH – “I can’t recommend Matthew highly enough. The first time you go to a new massage therapist, it is usually a bit awkward. It wasn’t that way with Matthew at all, he puts you completely at ease. Matthew listened to me and was immediately able to identify the source of my pain including in one area which had been painful on and off for 15 years due to an old tennis injury.. What I liked is that he explained exactly what he was dong, and exactly what he had done at the end of session. I’ve been to physios and other massage therapists – Matthew is by far the best.
Amy Fairbairn

* * * * *  ROTATOR CUFF TREATMENT EDINBURGH – “Went to see Matthew about an issue I had with my rotator cuff. I had previously been to a BUPA physio to try to resolve the issue but after 5 sessions it was still not any better so decided to see Matthew based on his reviews. After 1 session it felt so much better and the work Matthew done on it was much more in depth than what the physio had been doing. Can highly recommend Matthew.
Ricky Wh

* * * * *   TORN ROTATOR CUFF TREATMENT EDINBURGH – “First time I had ever had a sports/remedial massage. Matthew immediately put me at my ease; he was very pleasant and professional. I had torn my rotator cuff and, although much of the movement had returned, I still found it difficult to lift my arm normally to wash. I had to do a sort of Nazi salute and then lever it up. The day after the massage I could lift my arm normally again. I was impressed that Matthew put no pressure on me to have follow-up massages; in fact he was very encouraging about the way my injury was healing. I also liked the fact that there was a choice of music, or none (my preference)”
Dodie Gale

* * * * *  ROTATOR CUFF TREATMENT EDINBURGH – “I visited Matthew with an ongoing shoulder issue following an intensive week of open water swimming training. He was great at spending as long as it took to get right to the root of the problem (including rotator cuff) during my initial assessment and he is obviously a true professional of his craft. His place is peaceful and relaxing and he is also a really nice guy. The result has been improved flexibility and I will definitely revisit for more. I would have no hesitation in recommending Matthew as an extremely skilled and knowledgeable guy for any sports or relaxation massage.”
Andrew Jarvie

* * * * *  ROTATOR CUFF TREATMENT EDINBURGH – “Matthew was excellent: really took the time to work out what was causing me shoulder pain, excellent treatment and a highly effective massage. He’s improved a longstanding shoulder issue already. I will be going back!”
Luke McBratney

* * * * *  ROTATOR CUFF TREATMENT EDINBURGH – “Been a regular for sometime now. Matthew is exceptional at what he does. On arrival he takes time to find out any particular issues I want treatment on that session. I’ve had rotator cuff shoulder pain and had a hot stone treatment that worked wonders. Matthew gives a firm massage then suddenly goes into the most remarkable light finger touch that sends tingles throughout your body. And he’s friendly, informative and always willing to explain treatments.”
Paul Travill

* * * * *  ROTATOR CUFF TREATMENT EDINBURGH – “I have visited Matthew several times. A very friendly young man who makes you feel relaxed as soon as you meet him. His skilful hands always seem to reach the right spot with just the right amount of pressure. My troublesome rotator cuff pain is responding to his treatment. I must visit him more often. Thoroughly recommend.”
Peter Stuart

Shoulder pain treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *  SHOULDER PAIN EDINBURGH – “I visited Edinburgh for some relaxing moment, and booked a massage session with Matthew. Meanwhile I had a shoulder pain, which had escalated and was feeling my hand and arm numb from time to time. Matthew took the time to make questions, and rectified my problem, so now, after 1 month from my visit I haven’t felt any pain. I will definitely revisit him when back in Edinburgh.
Stavy Baker

* * * * *  SHOULDER PAIN EDINBURGH – “After 9 years of on/off muscle pain underneath my shoulder blade I decided to visit Matthew. After 2 sessions I am now painless and can enjoy life better! Matthew is professional throughout and a very nice guy, would fully recommend to friends/family.”
Michael Ralph

* * * * *  SORE SHOULDERS EDINBURGH – “Had an appointment with Matthew, as I had sore shoulders. He pointed out the issues I had. He gave me a deep relaxing massage which had made a big difference. I can’t stress enough how professional and helpful matthews service is. He is very understanding, professional and kind. I give him 100 percent. Would recommend Matthew. Thanks Matthew.”
Asima Ahmed

* * * * *  SHOULDER PAIN EDINBURGH – “Matthew definitely knows what he is doing. He’s very friendly and professional. I had a problem with my shoulder. The shoulder pain was really hard to locate as even I couldn’t exactly say what is the source of the pain, weird, isn’t it? But Matthew did his best to locate it and after a couple of visits I already felt a great relief. I had a massage as well as the acupuncture, which was weird a bit, but it was cool. I can recommend this specialist to anyway who has got with pain in your muscles or just need a relaxing massage. Thanks!”
Kamil Gablik

* * * * *  SHOULDER PAIN EDINBURGH – “This was my first sports massage and I was very impressed with the results. Matthew was very thorough in assessing my shoulder and back to locate where my pain was originating from. To my amazement the next day, for the first time I can remember, I woke up with no back pain!  Matthew also gave me advice on how to help prevent further back pain. Would highly recommend. Thank you.”
Kezia Kropp-Thierry

* * * * *  SHOULDER MASSAGE EDINBURGH – “I started going to Matthew when my previous regular masseur moved away. He has always provided me with excellent deep tissue massages mainly for relaxation, but has also helped with shoulder pain. He takes the time to determine the most appropriate treatment in each session. He demonstrates professionalism throughout in pleasant relaxing surroundings. Highly recommended.”

* * * * *  SORE BACK CARRYING BABY – “I had a deep tissue massage with Matthew after I had some back pain when using my baby carrier. Matthew was very professional but friendly and spent time talking through what my issue was with me and what would work best for me in terms of treatment. The massage was fantastic, and I immediately felt less tension in my shoulders and that the ‘knots’ had gone too. After a few days I could still feel the difference and had no pain when using my new baby carrier. Would defiantly recommend… Good value for money too!

* * * * *  SORE SHOULDER EDINBURGH – “The experience of Matthew Priest was first class. Not only did I like the professionalism of the session but it actually really worked! I had a sore shoulder from bad posture overnight and after two days the pain was acute. I booked into a very reputable West End massage place to try to give relief. Sadly – with a lighter wallet and two days later the pain was just as acute as before (headaches and inability to concentrate or function). So on the 4th day of this I found my way to Matthew and he gave the spot some very deep massage plus hot stones plus acupuncture. I am now 8 hours later and can honestly say the pain has all but gone. I feel lighter, can concentrate and also function again. Oh and the cost was less that the other with many add ons….Thankyou Matthew I will come to you first next time.”

* * * * *  NECK AND SHOULDER PAIN EDINBURGH – “This was my first sports massage, I’d had neck and shoulder pain for a few months. I’ve had much better results from one appointment with Matthew than I’ve had from my previous physio and Chiropractor appointments and the crunching feeling I had when I turned my neck has gone. Matthew is very nice and the hot oil and stones were really relaxing.”
Catherine Tranent

* * * * *  SHOULDER PAIN EDINBURGH – “I’ve been experiencing neck, back and shoulder pain for a few years. In recent months the discomfort became progressively worse. I began researching for massage therapists and came across Matthew Priest’s website. After one appointment I have experienced significant improvement. The intense pain has been reduced and I feel much better already. I would gladly recommend Matthew to anyone with similar problems.”
David Barnwell

* * * * *   SHOULDER PAIN EDINBURGH – “My boyfriend booked me in for an hour of treatment with Matthew after a stressful couple of weeks at work to help relieve some stress and back pain I had been experiencing. My visit did exactly that. In a relaxing atmosphere, Matthew helped me to understand what was going on with my muscles while explaining what exactly he was going to do, and even giving me some tips for the future before I left. Matthew is friendly and professional and communication was quick and easy. I had been experiencing pain in my lower back, neck and shoulders which have all definitely improved since my visit. I will be back and I have already booked my boyfriend in for a treatment to return the favour.”
Mairead Keating

* * * * *  SHOULDER PAIN EDINBURGH – “I went to see Matthew as I’ve began training again after some time and had pain in my lower back and shoulders. After an initial consultation and examination, Matthew was able to zone in on these painful areas and surrounding tissue. Afterwards, my back and shoulders felt much better straight away. Post massage we discussed changes in the way I sit at my work desk as well as follow up care. I cannot wait to see Matthew again and have scheduled monthly appointments. Being made to feel at ease as well as being walked through things in a way I could understand was so refreshing. Thanks again Matthew!!”
Ryan Matthewson

* * * * *  SHOULDER PAIN EDINBURGH – “Initially went to see Mathew Priest with a shoulder problem which he assessed and treated in a professional manner using deep sports tissue massage which healed the pain. He is friendly and knows his trade well. Would recommend him highly.”
James Campbell

Neck and shoulder tension treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *  THE BEST MASSAGE IN EDINBURGH – Simply the best massage in Edinburgh. I have had two treatments now with Matthew and he offers a most professional and amazing massage. I suffer from neck/shoulder tension and difficulty sleeping. After a discussion on areas needing attention, Matthew worked his magic. Great pressure and technique to find all areas causing me problems. After treatment I felt relaxed yet rejuvenated , and my natural sleep patterns returned. I work in the Travel Industry and have been lucky enough to have massage treatments in some of the best spas worldwide but nothing comes close to a massage with Matthew. He has a immaculate studio and natural relaxed personality that immediately puts you at ease. He really does offer most professional and high quality service. Cant recommend highly enough!”
Mark Ruck

* * * * *  UPPER BODY STIFFNESS EDINBURGH – “Great, very professional. We looked at all the problems thoroughly so he knew exactly where to work. Rather painful at times but still very relaxing. I had problems with tightness and reduced mobility in my upper body which has greatly improved. Would definitely go again! And a good price compared with other deep tissue massages in Edinburgh. Thank you!”
Rosalind Clarke

* * * * *  UPPER BACK PAIN EDINBURGH – “I’ve just experienced a really great massage from Matthew. I chose the Remedial massage option and wasn’t disappointed. Matthew seems to have a talent for finding the precise points where attention is needed and applying just the right pressure. I particularly appreciated him getting in deep around my shoulders and neck.”
Graham R

* * * * *  SHOULDER PAIN EDINBURGH – “Fantastic massage by a fantastic guy. I visited Matthew last month as I had been experiencing muscular pain in my shoulder, arm and neck. He took time to explore exactly where the pain was and what may be causing it before commencing a fantastically relaxing, yet firm massage where it was needed. As well as being very friendly and putting me at ease, his massage was amazing and I couldn’t recommend him more highly. I went away feeling great and am still feeling the benefits – so much so I have booked another appointment for next month! Thanks Matthew!”
Stephen Bridge

* * * * *  NECK AND SHOULDER TENSION EDINBURGH – “After visiting Matthew for the first time yesterday i am feeling fantastic. The tension in my shoulders and neck and lower back have gone. I was impressed with Matthew taking the time to understand the route of the problem and found the session informative and helpful. A professional, polite approach put me at my ease. Thank you Matthew, great work, highly recommended.”
Paul Nivison

* * * * *  STIFF NECK AND SHOULDERS EDINBURGH – “Quite simply the best massage I’ve ever had. I suffer from stiff neck/shoulder and lower back trouble but at the end of the session I had neither, not to mention feeling totally relaxed. I will definitely be going back and have no hesitation in recommending Matthew to anyone. Thanks once again.”
Douglas Colman

* * * * *  NECK AND SHOULDER TENSION EDINBURGH – “I carry a lot of tension in my head, neck, and shoulders. Felt so chilled and relieved after the massage. I will definitely be back and have recommended Matthew to friends.”
Patrick Gilhooley


Shoulder tension treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *  SHOULDER TENSION / TENSE SHOULDERS EDINBURGH – “I can certainly attest to the wealth of compliments featured here. My first sports massage with Matthew was met with a truly excellent, professional service combining some of the best elements encountered through previous masseurs (pre-massage heat via hot stones, incorporation of resistance techniques and a very thorough assessment). Matthew displays an exceptional level of knowledge and goes out if his way to make sure he can help, ensuring you are content throughout the entire visit. I aim for a sports massage once a month and saw Matthew requesting specific emphasis on the back with can tighten up easily. At the end of the session I noticed reduced tension in the back and shoulders and improved range of motion in the neck after some work in that area. He was even able to assess and help with my hip which is sightly out of alignment. All in all, hugely impressed and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a sports massage :)”
Mahir Nozinovic

* * * * *  TIGHT SHOULDERS EDINBURGH – “Matthew was extremely professional and clearly has a lot of experience. I am a professional dancer so had quite a few different issues, he took time to talk everything through with me and explained the anatomy behind my problems which I really appreciated. The massage was very effective and relaxing. The problems I was facing which included very tight shoulders, a twingey ankle and pain in my wrist were nearly all sorted with just one treatment but I can’t wait to go back to continue treatment on my forearm. Finally I was also very pleased with the price of a consultation and one hour massage as it’s the cheapest yet best I’ve ever had! Highly recommend, especially to sports people or dancers.”
Jodie Honeybourne

* * * * *  NECK AND SHOULDER TENSION EDINBURGH – “I used Matthew because I was having lower back pain and for a number of years have had tension in my neck and shoulders, my first visit was very relaxed and friendly, I discussed what pain I was in, and after a check of my spine, Matthew said a deep massage would help, after my first appointment I feel great and I still have a few sore point but will be making an appointment next month for a top up, would highly recommend , Matthew is a professional and knows what he is doing.”
Lisa M

Stiff upper back treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *  STIFF UPPER BACK EDINBURGH – “I was about to leave Edinburgh after a short holiday when I started feeling difficulty in moving around, in lifting or carrying any weight and overall stressed and tired. I found out about Matthew in the Internet . He was still on holidays and luckily offered me an appointment when I contacted him. Matthew assessed me, asked some questions. He was absolutely excellent and his treatment really saved my holiday. I am writing this review a month and a half after I had the appointment and I am still fit and mobile. Mathew also took time to text me and to ask if I was feeling better. I will definately see him again if needed in the future when back in Edinburgh.”

* * * * *  STIFF SHOULDERS EDINBURGH – “My GP recommended I went for a good sports massage to relieve a painful and knotted back and neck. I also had a problem with repetitive strain injury to my arm and so I was in desperate need of ‘fixing’! I’ve had two appointments with Matthew who is kind and very professional and has managed to sort out all my problem areas in those two visits. His massage is excellent and I can’t recommend him highly enough. His prices are also very good.”

* * * * *  UPPER BACK TENSION EDINBURGH – “Matthew puts you at ease from the start. Tension in shoulders, hips, back and neck has gone. I have had a lot of massage over the years, this being my first with Matthew, and I can honestly say that he is up there with the best. I look forward to my next session.”
Bill McGill

* * * * *  DANCER UPPER BACK PAIN EDINBURGH – “I was visiting Leith for a week from the States and booked a massage with Matthew for upper back, hip, and lower leg tightness resulting from Highland Dance, general stress, and a long flight. Matthew expertly addressed each of these areas and I noticed a difference right away. I attended a local Highland class two days later and had noticeably more ease with turnout, and no cramping in my calves or feet. I was really impressed and only wish I lived in town, as I’d be booking regular appointments with him! If you’re a Highland dancer in or visiting Edinburgh, definitely look him up!”
Lauren Welker

* * * * *  UPPER BACK TENSION EDINBURGH – “Matt is a lovely guy and I really enjoyed the massages he did for me. I was suffering from stress related tension in my upper back and over a few sessions Matt was able to get rid of these aches. Is highly recommend him to anyone looking for a good masseur in Edinburgh”

* * * * *  STIFF SHOULDERS EDINBURGH – “Best Massage I have had in Edinburgh. I have stiff shoulders and a back problem, feel brilliant after the massage. Highly recommend.”

* * * * *  BACK AND SHOULDER PAIN EDINBURGH – “I discovered Matthew online. I decided to get in touch after a long suffering problem with carpal tunnel syndrome. Matthew was very professional and also worked on my back and shoulder. I have noticed a reduction in wrist pain and my back feels great. I would highly recommend anyone in need of treatment get in touch.”

* * * * *  SHOULDER STIFFNESS EDINBURGH – “Absolutely amazing massage! I booked in with Matthew after suffering from weeks of shoulder and back stiffness. I read the reviews and booked a 1.5hour appointment. I couldn’t believe the difference at the end of the session! That was 4 weeks ago and my still feel as good as new. Matthew is a friendly guy and puts you at ease straight away. He explains what he is going to do and how it will benefit. I would definitely recommend to others and return again.”
Cameron Scott

* * * * *  UPPER BACK MASSAGE EDINBURGH – “First sports massage and was very impressed! I was struggling with my upper back and Matthew was able to tailor the massage to my needs, targeting the areas of tension – left feeling very relaxed. He also recommended stretches and tips to improve my posture. Will definitely return! Great guy, great place and great value for money.”
Matthew Bell

* * * * *  BACK ACHE EDINBURGH – “I have been to see Matthew twice now, both times I felt very relaxed and put at ease very quickly. Very professional and left feeling great. Any back issues I have are dealt with by the time I leave. Would definitely recommend to anyone.”
Dan Huggins

Shoulder injury treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *  SHOULDER INJURY EDINBURGH – “Matthew took care of my back prior to an important exam. I had been recovering from a shoulder injury for months. He aligned a couple of vertebrae and massaged my back, shoulders and arms thoroughly. I slept fantastically well that night and passed my exam the day after. All those hours sitting in front of the computer are bad for my back so I will be visiting him again.”
R Yungenfeld

* * * * *  UPPER BODY PAIN TREATMENT EDINBURGH – “I’ve had upper body and hip mobility issues for quite a while now. I went to see Matthew today and had the first sports massage I’ve ever had. He was great, he made me feel at ease and I can already feel a difference! Definitely recommended.”
Graham Bell

* * * * *  SHOULDER INJURY TREATMENT EDINBURGH – There’s a reason Matt has such an overwhelming number of positive reviews. The service was professional whilst feeling relaxed and friendly. I had some issues with my left side (traps/triceps/teres major) that were well explained and within 1 session I felt a very noticeable difference day to day in the gym. Matt was also very responsive and asked if anything needed a different approach or if there were any other areas that needed attention. Really great, will be coming again and have recommended others.”
Nikita Krahenbuhl

* * * * *  TRAPPED NERVE IN SHOULDER – After telling Matthew about some problems I was having with a trapped nerve in my shoulder, he recommended that I come round for a treatment to see if that could help. After months of trying to help a trapped nerve through physio and exercise, Matthew’s treatment has helped massively. He took the time to carefully discuss my problem first before giving me a treatment designed to target the problem area. He even took the time afterwards to show me some stretches and to discuss some of the root causes of the issue I’d been having. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Matthew to anyone looking for this kind of treatment.”
Greg Flett

Shoulder massage in Edinburgh

* * * * *  SHOULDER MASSAGE EDINBURGH – “From the second you enter Matthew puts you at ease and after an unhurried chat finds out where the troubled areas are, mine was my shoulders and boy did he sort it out. Relaxing and uplifting, a real good massage.”

* * * * *  BACK AND SHOULDERS MASSAGE EDINBURGH – “Outstanding. We can all be apprehensive when going for a massage,but the way that Matthew chats with you,takes notes so that his massage technique is aligned to you is outstanding. Whether it be lower back and shoulders as it was for me,or finding that correct requirement there is no rush and you are made to feel at ease. A very professional service for all,and a very competant and professional young man.”

* * * * *  SHOULDER MASSAGE EDINBURGH – “I saw Matthew a couple of weeks ago for a massage while in Edinburgh. He was welcoming and professional. He went over the issues I was having before starting the massage. The massage was great and he worked the problem areas (shoulder and hip) and helped me with what to do on an on-going basis with stretching, etc. I would definitely see Matthew again!”
Alan Bailey

* * * * *  SHOULDER MASSAGE EDINBURGH – “Best Massage I have had in Edinburgh. I have stiff shoulders and a back problem, feel brilliant after the massage. Highly recommend.”

* * * * *  SHOULDER MASSAGE EDINBURGH – “Very relaxing shoulder, back and leg massage. The benefits are apparent a week later. Matthew listens carefully about where you feel work needs done and tailors the massaging accordingly. He also asks if there are any areas you feel have not been covered adequately. First class all round.”
William Hogg

* * * * *  SHOULDERS ROLLING FORWARD – “Recently had a steroid injection in my shoulder and was recommended to try and get some treatment on my neck and shoulders to help me towards alleviation of rolling shoulders forward. Matthew gave me an appointment at very short notice and helped considerably towards the start of making the exercises more effective. I intend him to be one of my first ports of call on next visit to Edinburgh.”