Advanced Sports Massage Therapists

Meet Matthew and Grant

Your therapist will give you a targeted treatment that is based on the unique findings of your assessment.

Matthew is now fully booked for the month of August. For the whole month of September Matthew will be away in Thailand, training in Thai Massage. He is now fully booked until then. Bookings can be  made for October 8th onwards 🙂 

Grant  will continue to work throughout the summer as normal, Sundays & Mondays.

The quickest and easiest way to make a booking is via the orange button above.

“You instantly realize you’re in the hands of a true professional, so you can relax and let a master of his art provide you with a massage you won’t forget.”

Sports Massage in Edinburgh


  • Matthew Priest BScHons, MSc, DipARM, DipRSM, DipSM.
  • Grant Mowat BScHons, DipARM, ITECSM, CThA

Advanced Remedial Massage
(10 month diploma)

Remedial & Sports Massage
(8 month diploma)

Swedish Massage
(8 month diploma)

“I felt that my therapist was genuinely invested in solving my problem with an individually tailored solution

If you’re not sure whether sports massage could help your sports injury or ‘niggle’, just get in touch. Matthew is happy to chat about your options and explain how he or Grant would approach your assessment and treatment. In many cases one treatment  is all it takes to sort out a problem. In other cases a few treatments may be needed.

Matthew’s private clients include Scottish Premiership players as well as players from Hearts and Hibs youth teams. He has also provided massage for a Scottish Premiership team and the Scottish Rugby Team. Matthew teaches massage therapy for the University of Edinburgh Students’ Association, and graduated with top of the class in Advanced Remedial Massage. He is a triathlete-in-training and a keen rock-climber.

Grant has extensive experience working with a varied client group, including the Club Ciudad Diagonal (Barcelona). He also works freelance with Athletes Angels, at events including Land’s End to John O’ Groats and Edinburgh Marathon. His current clients include members of the Woman’s National LaCrosse Squad and of the GB Mountain Running Team. Grant is a qualified sports instructor and avid enthusiast of hill running, mountain biking, windsurfing and surfing.

Matthew and Grant’s Advanced Sports Massage includes gentle joint realignment techniques that are related to chiropractic and physiotherapy work. Deep tissue massage is blended with neuro-muscular work, trigger-point therapy, myofascial release and hot stones. At this sports injury clinic in Edinburgh you are guaranteed to receive a careful assessment and thoughtful treatments, and to be treated with respect and in strict confidence. You will also be given relevant exercises and stretches, as well as postural corrections, to help keep your aches and pains under control.

Matthew and Grant will encourage you to regain control of your own health. They have a policy not to use financial or emotional tactics that make you feel worse about your own body, or that encourage treatment-dependency. For this reason, they avoid direct debit schemes, block bookings, or narratives that perpetuate feelings of sickness. Matthew and Grant aim to show you how you can be healthy without long-term treatment.

Advanced Sports Massage Edinburgh can improve a wide range of conditions and injuries, eg: 

Back pain
Foot pain
Groin strain
Jaw grinding
Knee pain
Hips clicking
Neck pain
Plantar fasciitis
Rotator cuff sprain/strains
Sciatic pain
Shoulders sore/tense
Stomach acid excess
Tennis elbow

Thumb /wrist pain
Tingly hands/arms
Torticollis / wryneck