Tingly hand / carpal tunnel syndrome treatment reviews

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[Key muscles treated include muscles of the neck, shoulder and upper back, as well as the forearm and hand (see relevant pages for details). The carpal bones of the hand / wrist are also mobilised to release nerves and blood vessels.]

5 Stars for tingly hand / carpal tunnel syndrome

numb hand / tingly hand / carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist pain treatment in Edinburgh.

Numb hand / Tingly hand treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *  NUMB HAND TREATMENT EDINBURGH – “I visited Edinburgh for some relaxing moment, and booked a massage session with Matthew. Meanwhile I had a shoulder pain, which had escalated and was feeling my hand and arm numb from time to time. Matthew took the time to make questions, and rectified my problem, so now, after 1 month from my visit I haven’t felt any pain. I will definitely revisit him when back in Edinburgh.
Stavy Baker

* * * * *  TINGLY / TINGLING HAND TREATMENT EDINBURGH – “Matthew sorted an issue I had had with numb and tingly hands for almost 15 years. 15 minutes with Matthew and the issue is sorted – I will definitely be back!”
James Beaumont

* * * * *  TRAPPED NERVE IN SHOULDER – “After telling Matthew about some problems I was having with a trapped nerve in my shoulder, he recommended that I come round for a treatment to see if that could help. After months of trying to help a trapped nerve through physio and exercise, Matthew’s treatment has helped massively. He took the time to carefully discuss my problem first before giving me a treatment designed to target the problem area. He even took the time afterwards to show me some stretches and to discuss some of the root causes of the issue I’d been having. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Matthew to anyone looking for this kind of treatment.”
Greg Flett

Carpal tunnel syndrome treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *  CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME TREATMENT EDINBURGH – “I went to see Matthew hoping he could ease the pain in my hand caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. I came way knowing I had been in safe, knowledgable hands. Although there is still some tingling in my hands, it’s vastly improved. He also did some work in my shoulders, neck and ribs, the benefit of which is headache free since the day off the session. Quite amazing as I suffer from a lot of headaches. The added bonus for me was feeling relaxed when I left.”
Helen O’Donnell

* * * * *  CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME TREATMENT – I discovered Matthew online. I decided to get in touch after a long suffering problem with carpal tunnel syndrome. Matthew was very professional and also worked on my back and shoulder. I have noticed a reduction in wrist pain and my back feels great. I would highly recommend anyone in need of treatment get in touch.”

Wrist pain treatment in Edinburgh

* * * * *  WRIST PAIN EDINBURGH – “Matthew was extremely professional and clearly has a lot of experience. I am a professional dancer so had quite a few different issues, he took time to talk everything through with me and explained the anatomy behind my problems which I really appreciated. The massage was very effective and relaxing. The problems I was facing which included very tight shoulders, a twingey ankle and pain in my wrist were nearly all sorted with just one treatment but I can’t wait to go back to continue treatment on my forearm. Finally I was also very pleased with the price of a consultation and one hour massage as it’s the cheapest yet best I’ve ever had! Highly recommend, especially to sports people or dancers.”
Jodie Honeybourne